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Meet the Team

Meet our amazing team members 

Our Founder & Owner 

White Sand and Stone
Meet Nicole
Founder & Owner, Medical Aesthetician, Certified Medical Electrolysis, and Laser Tech

Nicole Coullias has over 23 years experience, combined, in the dermatology & aesthetics industry. She is a licensed aesthetician, medical electrologist, and laser hair removal technician. Nicole is a skilled medical aesthetician and well known in the area for delivering transformative results!

She is detail oriented, proactive, and committed to the pursuit of excellence. Nicole takes every opportunity to grow personally and professionally.  By remaining open to learning new procedures and exploring new technologies she keeps her aesthetic repertoire full. At her core, Nicole believes in prevention for all things related to health, beauty, and aging.


Nicole is passionate about providing a nurturing environment for her clients and helping them achieve their skincare goals. When you leave Paradise looking and feeling your best, she knows she has succeeded in providing the care you need and deserve

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